Salon cleanliness and upkeep

Published: 05th March 2010
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Taking care of a salon isn't easy. You have to take care of every small detail and make sure your clients get the best services possible. You have make sure you place is safe for your clients as well as staff. It may be the smallest thing that you incorporate like nail tables for nail technicians, making sure everyone wears gloves etc. If you have a nail salon opt for nail tables that have anti fungal and anti bacterial surfaces.

Here are a few pointers to keep the salon clean.

• Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel.

• Put on gloves, goggles, or safety glasses while facials, manicures and pedicures

• Make sure all work areas well lit and have ample lighting.

• Clean sinks and drinking fountains regularly, removal hair from the sink it may block the sink

• Always wear gloves while using disinfectants, direct contact may cause irritation and rashes.

• Always sweep floors clean after each client service and most importantly after a haircut.

• Be sure to mop floors and if possible vacuum the carpets

• Deposit all waste materials in a waste receptacle with a self-closing lid.

• Provide disposable drinking cups.

• Keep rest rooms clean and tidy. Remember to clean bathroom door handles.

• Clean fans, ventilation systems, and humidifiers regularly

• Keep windows, screens, and curtains used in the salon clean and away from dust.

• Do not place any tools, combs, rollers, or hairpins in your mouth or pockets, if you do clean them with a disinfectant immediately

• Provide toilet tissue, paper towels, and pump-type liquid soap in the rest room

• Do not allow the salon to be used for cooking excepting for heating small things like wax for water

• Keep the salon free from insects and rodents but be sure to use mild methods of eradication

• Don't allow clients to eat, drink and smoking in places where services are performed

• Wear clean, freshly laundered clothing and also be sure to lauder the linen used to wipe hair and during facials.

• Never place food in same refrigerators that you use for salon products.

• Empty waste bins regularly throughout the day

• Make sure all containers are properly marked, tightly closed, and properly stored.

• Keep the outside of all containers clean and always remember to clean the mixing brushes and bowls

• Don't touch your face, mouth, or eye areas during services

Use nail tables or vented nail tables for manicures they help the nail technician and also make the area cleaner. For more on salon upkeep and nail tables you can visit

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