Health hazards for nail technicians

Published: 04th January 2010
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As a nail technician you are responsible for your own safety as well the safety of your clients. They trust you to use clean equipment and good quality products that will not harm them in anyway. You can cause harm to yourself as a nail technician by exposure to chemicals, by transmission of live organisms as well as physical injury.

A nail technician can be subject to respiratory problems. This is because of the some of the chemicals used in creams, nail polishes and other nail products. Over exposure to these products could be harmful in the long run. Nail technicians could suffer from asthma and also complain of nose and throat irritations. The irritation can be cause due to the polymers present in nail powders. If the products are strong you could also feel nauseous and experience headaches. Over exposure to methacrylates which is present in acrylic materials is especially harmful and cause depression in the nervous system. You can avoid these by covering your mouth and nose while handling products, knowing how to use the chemicals well and by keep your work area clean.

Skin disorders are another occupational hazard for nail technicians. Dermatitis is a common problem. It is skin inflammation caused by constant contact of irritants and chemicals. Almost all nail technicians at one point of time has experienced dermatitis. There are two basic forms of dermatitis one is caused by a reaction that is contaminated and is called primary irritant dermatitis and the other is allergic dermatitis that is caused by a sensitiser which is chemical irritant which may ultimately lead to eczema. Another complaint could be severe eye watering and eye irritations. This could happen due to the nail powder or foreign objects like nail filling entering the eyes. Eyes should be during a manicure it is extremely important and necessary.

Another common problem for nail technicians can be shoulder and neck pains they can also complain of tennis elbows, Carpel Tunnel syndrome and other lower back pains. This can happen if the posture is not correct or if a nail technician doesn't use a good chair.

Using a good vented nail table along with an armrest can really help these problems and helps the nail technician. The nail tables is an investment but one that pays off in the long run. You can opt for vented nail table that is great for people that work with acrylic nails.

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